Exploring The Joy Of Friendship Through Artworks

By P Abigail Sadhana Rao

“Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .” – C S Lewis

In every laugh, a treasure’s found,

in every smile, a joy unbound.

They lift us up when we feel low, 

with wit and charm,

their love they show. 

No matter the time or distance vast, 

true friends forever, steadfast and last.

In playful banter, nothing amiss,

each moment shared, 

a dream come true.

Let’s cherish friends with all our might, 

for with true friends, our hearts align, 

friendship’s love, a gift divine.

While Friendship Day is officially celebrated on a specific day each year, the idea of celebrating friendship isn’t limited to just that one day. True friendships are valuable as they are hard to come by and cherishing them becomes even more pertinent to circumvent the storms of life. 

Friendship Day originated from Hallmark Cards founder Joyce Hall’s proposal in 1919 to honour friends and their contributions. Though introduced in the United States, it gained global recognition over time, the spirit of Friendship Day has transcended borders, becoming an international celebration of the powerful connections that unite us as friends. Different countries celebrate it on different days throughout the year. 

Nonetheless, it’s a day dedicated to celebrating the bond of friendship regardless of religion, caste and gender. To celebrate the spirit of friendship, lets us delve into the world of friendship-themed art while exploring the nuances of the magic of companionship.

Nurturing Seeds Of Friendship 

Friendship day
Rapture by Sudheesh N S

In his artistic brilliance, Sudheesh N.S masterfully recreates a poignant scene from his own childhood. Having grown up near riversides and the sea, his love for water became an integral part of his being, igniting a profound passion for watercolour painting. Through his art, Sudheesh captures the essence of those innocent days, when forming friendships came effortlessly, and the memories of cherished friends during nomadic years shine like valuable treasures, illuminating the joy they once brought into his life. While some friendships may have faded over time, their imprints remain etched in his heart, forever cherished and beautifully immortalized in his watercolour artworks.

As adulthood takes hold, juggling responsibilities can make forming deep friendships a challenge. Work, family, and community commitments demand our attention, making it harder to cultivate and maintain lasting connections with others. Yet, even amidst the busyness, true friends find ways to touch our hearts. The beauty of such enduring friendships, where mutual caring and understanding intertwine to create bonds that span distances and time, are the ones that leave indelible memories in our lives. These connections weather the tests of life, remaining unwavering and steadfast through joys and struggles.

Celebrating Friendship
Untiteld by Nitai Das

In Nitai Das’s vibrant and lively paintings, spontaneous and consistent strokes breathe life into the canvas, showcasing a harmonious unity amidst diversity. Das’s artistic vision aims to build a bridge between our spiritual and cultural heritage and the modern materialistic world. In one captivating painting, he portrays a scene of people gathering in a park. One of them entertains the others by playing the guitar, while another appears to be checking the time on his watch. Amidst the fast-paced age, where immediate tasks consume us, this artwork serves as a poignant reminder for viewers to pause and reflect on the preciousness of time and the beauty of friendships.

Power Of True Friends 

Friends possess a unique ability to facilitate personal growth and positive change. They stand by us through thick and thin, offering laughter when tears are plentiful. Distance and time may cause physical separation, but true friends remain present in each other’s hearts. Today, it is easier to connect and keep in touch via social media. Even in the face of unfortunate life events, their impact endures, as they continue to cheer us on by calling us or texting us or even from the realm of cherished memories. 

Friendship artworks
New Friends by Vallery Puri

Vallery Puri’s evocative artwork captures the essence of pandemic times and the era of social distancing. Amidst the stillness of slowed-down lives and the absence of hectic rush hours, we find solace within our homes and form new long-distance friendships. Puri’s art reminds us of the resilience and unity that emerges from adversity, bringing hope and connection even amidst physical distance.

Friendship’s Unwavering Resilience

A strong friendship transcends the need for everyday communication or togetherness. The relationship thrives on showing up for a surprise visit and checking in on your loved ones. The effort taken to show up counts a lot and helps form an unyielding connection that never fades. Despite the daily rush of adulting, a few loyal ones do support and encourage each other, even in the most challenging circumstances. Their understanding and compassion extend beyond words, providing solace and strength during difficult times.

Friends forever
SAKHI- Friendship Forever by Debojyoti Boruah

In this exquisite painting by Debojyoti Boruah, a heartfelt tribute is paid to the unbreakable bond between two little girls and their friendship. As they grow up together, they share precious moments of reading, dancing, and performing, creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. The artwork beautifully captures the essence of their camaraderie, as they adorn traditional dresses for a special performance. Crafted with acrylic on canvas, Boruah’s skilful use of a palette knife adds texture to the background, elevating the beauty and depth of this touching masterpiece. The painting serves as a timeless reminder of the enduring power of true friendship and the cherished moments shared between kindred spirits.

As life takes us on different paths, it’s vital to recognize and cherish those handful gems who have shaped our journey. Dhiraj Choudhary, an artist unapologetically driven by political and social motivations, sees art as more than just aesthetics or technical prowess. His artworks goes beyond the pursuit of mere pleasure or creating aesthetically pleasing images. They may not conform to traditional notions of being neat or pretty, but they carry a powerful and impactful message. 

Friendship day
Friends & Flowers by Dhirag Choudhury

In this artwork, he captures the essence of friendship where two friends share a flower, a gesture imbued with beauty, gratitude, and perhaps even love. Through this simple yet profound scene, Dhiraj reminds us to express our gratitude and love to those long-lasting friendships that have journeyed with us, fought life battles and enriched our lives.

Artists on Mojarto have outdone themselves by beautifully exploring the theme of friendship through their artworks. Each painting represents a unique aspect of this cherished bond. Explore more artworks on Mojarto that reflect and embrace the motif of friendship, beckoning us to cherish our friends and value their presence while celebrating the joy they bring into our everyday lives.

To all the genuine friends out there, thank you for your long-standing friendships and for being guiding stars in our lives. May we continue to treasure and celebrate the bond of true friendship forever.