‘Broken Foot-Unfolding Inequalities’ – A Fundraiser Exhibit To Support Artists

Team Mojarto Last Updated On : 8th Oct 2020

As we are all aware the Covid-19 pandemic has stalled all social and economic activity. 

Like most other professional communities, the art community is also facing a standstill, the crisis is affecting art ecosystems everywhere, pushing the artists’ community into a situation of precarity.

Artists United Collective has come together as a collective in the wake of COVID-19 is to reach out to artists to create a support structure that will give a new model of sustenance during and even after these precarious times, which also gives a direction to voice and document the current urgent times through our curatorial project. ‘Broken Foot-Unfolding Inequalities’, is the collective’s first online curatorial exhibition project, as a fundraiser. 60 socio-politically conscious artists have been invited specifically to build a context for the curatorial vision, as they help us generate a fundraiser for the artists in need. 

Artists United Collective is an informal collective of artists, sculptors, art historians, photographers, and curators, who are concerned about the sustenance of art ecosystem, and the survival of artist community.  

Broken Foot By Prabhakar Kamble
Broken Foot By Prabhakar Kamble

The artists collectively raise a voice through forms of voices of dissent as projections of subjects representing as well as interrelating the context of ‘Labour’ and ‘Nation’, some artists especially address the ‘Unfolding Inequalities’ locating the existential migrant-labour crisis as a ‘Rupture’, as an ongoing as well as a historical trajectory of ‘forms of inequalities’. As the pandemic unfolds the societal inequalities of the times, be it social as political or environmental, and so on

Walking Under The Empty Sky By Balaji Ponna
Walking Under The Empty Sky By Balaji Ponna

The exhibition ‘Broken Foot-Unfolding Inequalities’ curated by Prabhakar Kamble and Rumi Samadhan brings together 60 socially engaged artists and is a collaboration in between Artist United Collective and Mojarto, an NDTV venture, the show ‘Broken Foot-Unfolding Inequalities’ is hosted to ensure well-being of the artists in need. Part of the proceeds from the show shall go towards funding the well-being of the artists

The show is on view online from 10th July- 10th October, 2020 on