Blueprints And Heartstrings: A Scientific, Artistic Collection

By Team Mojarto 

Scientific representations in art is very unique and also is very rarely seen. Two genres that are so starkly divided in popular culture are art and science. Art is seen as a creative pursuit that is philosophical and emotional, while science is seen as logical, built on figures and data. However, at the heart of every groundbreaking invention is the passionate consummation of art and science. The best ideas come when creative thought and informed knowledge overlap. It is here, at this crossing of boundaries, of ideologies and beliefs that true genius lies.

1. Aeronautic Blueprint Series

Aeronautic Blueprint Iii By Vision Studio scientific
Aeronautic Blueprint III By Vision Studio

These prints by Visual Studio marry the sharp lines of scientific drawings with the artistic aesthetic of black and white, all through the dreamy vehicle of air. The thin, clean lines of white whisk magic onto the mechanical wings of these airplanes, making us simultaneously aware of both the material nature of flight, as well as the wonder in it.

2. Modern Map of Brooklyn

Modern Map Of Brooklyn By Galapon, Nikki scientific
Modern Map Of Brooklyn By Galapon, Nikki

Maps are portals into places. They are, at once, scientific and artistic. Modern Map of Brooklyn by Nikki Galapon takes you right to the bustling, beating heart of a city. In its tightly packed, yet sprawling cross-hatched lines, you feel the density and weight of the city. It makes you feel – viscerally – the structures that make up a city, the buildings, the lanes, the shouldering between these houses and towers and the wide, wide expanse.

3. Geometric Perspective

Geometric Perspective Ii By Vess, June Erica
Geometric Perspective Ii By Vess, June Erica

Geometric Perspective by Erica Vess June, takes one step back, and stands slightly to one side. And suddenly, things become 3 dimensional. They gain depth, a new perspective and a whole new view of things. With its use of gentle and contrasting greys, Geometric Perspective reminds us of the design in everyday objects, the peculiar angles to each object uniquely particular to their purpose. With such a minute focus to detail, the shape and slopes of every object becomes scientific art.

4. Amygdala

Amygdala By Lynrinth
Amygdala By Lynrinth

Ranchi Lynrinth’s Amygdala explains, quite simply, that an ‘amygdala’ is that part of the brain that is responsible for the experiencing of emotions. The painting is made of parts that resemble wings on one hand, and gears and chain links on the other. While other parts resemble arches and windows of a palace. The brain, by its very nature a scientific super machine, is seen through the lens of art that gives it wings, adorns it with flourishes and curls, while at the same time acknowledging the very machine-like nature of existence. The overlap of art and science in Amygdala allows for the side-by-side existence of two very different lines of thoughts, enriching each in magical ways.

5. Column Schematic

Column Schematic I By Harper, Ethan
Column Schematic I By Harper, Ethan

The structures that we build are both bodies of cement, brick and measured pathways, but also bodies that breathe and thrive along with their occupants. Architecture takes into consideration this juxtaposition of utility with art in clean, measured floor plans. Column Schematic by Ethan Harper examines the body of a pillar, the one structure that is the most important in both structural soundness, scientific and artistic expression.