5 Interesting Photographs That Capture The Sun Across Time And Lands

By Team Mojarto 

Photographs that capture the sun recite the poetry of luminosity. A day becomes happier when the sun is shining more brightly; the room becomes cosier when the lamp is at the right intensity; and the fear of darkness goes away if someone remembers to turn the light on. The well-lit, illuminated has always been a guiding symbol for us, be it the meditative candle flame, the opening of a tunnel or the mere fact that the rising sun will always be east and we will know where to go. Life flourishes in the actual sunlight and our religions and faith have always venerated the power of the flame across time and lands.

1. Sunset at Nainital

Sunset At Nainital By Nitin Akolia photographs
Sunset At Nainital By Nitin Akolia

A sought-after view, the photograph captures the rolling clouds setting in as the sun descends into the horizon and sets the sky in a deep shade of cobalt. The entire valley appears to be made of gold as the clouds become aurous and the viewer is suddenly made aware of the vastness that they are witnessing. It is like the emergence of a moment specifically tailored to make us introspect and beckoning us to focus on the bright sun. 

2. Worshipping the Sun God

Worshipping Sun God By Asis Kumar Sanyal photographs
Worshipping Sun God By Asis Kumar Sanyal

Veneration of the natural elements and the forces has been a part of many traditions, and resonating and continuing the same, this photograph captures the serenity of three women worshipping the sun. The contrast in the image and the tradition is offered by the floating lights along with the hints of gold that shimmer off the water. One can catch this sight in the Hindu pilgrimage sight where the river Ganga flows. 

3. The Sky and the Light

The Sky And The Light By Anand C photographs
The Sky And The Light By Anand C

Captured in Lakkundi village, the pooja space is architecturally placed where it can receive natural sunlight, and it is an ode to the villages tradition of designing their houses according to the natural elements around and seeing how the natural light flows and interacts, creating a harmonious conversation between the sun and the buildings. The photograph shows the specificity with which this niche was created, almost assigning a theatrical spotlight.

4. The Guest at the Lighthouse

The Guest At The Lighthouse By Siddhant photographs
The Guest At The Lighthouse By Siddhant

The lighthouse has been the interest of many writers, poets and philosophers, where they rely on the imagery of a stationary constant source of light guiding the ships through choppy waters. The town that houses a lighthouse revolves around the structure and many shore towns sport the structure, making it a point of recreation for its inhabitants. Even when it is not lit, it is very much a guiding edifice. The strong light that the lighthouse casts is an important sign for the ships and helps them guide to the harbours and indicate that land is near, creating a multitude of metaphors. 

5. Lightened Village

Lightened Village By Amit More

However old we are, the wonder of seeing a city in the night-time, from the airplane, never ceases. The streetlights create a weave, the little streams of yellow and red lights, and the occasional solitary traveller in a dark street seems like a shooting star on the ground. While we are in the town, the magic of gradually seeing the city light up as dusk sets in is almost surreal; all of this happens in a matter of moments.

It almost seems like the settlement covered itself with gold film and has honey running down its veins. As the city lights up, some parts come alive in the night and become a new watering hole for the residents. Explore more photographs from the wide range of collections available at Mojarto.