5 Exclusive Pop Artworks To Keep The Memories And Realism Intact

By Team Mojarto

 Pop Artworks is identified by having vivid and bright colors that transcend vibes of cheerfulness and happiness. Pop Art is a movement that emerged in the late 20th century. From pieces embracing the beautiful past to fragments of the bleak yet real present, these works accomplish more than what their genre demands them to. Purely Indian, and purely popular they hinge on that hint of the surreal. 

1. Stardust From My Series “My Brush With Bollywood” By Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh

Stardust From My Series " My Brush With Bollywood'' By Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh Pop Artworks
STARDUST – From My Series ” MY BRUSH WITH BOLLYWOOD” by Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh

A memory piece, doused in reminiscence, Ghosh does a brilliant job at weaving strings from a lifetime of a golden age of Bollywood cinema segregated in generations through her pop artworks . Perfected in acrylic, this work comes at a price but one understands the significance of such a work.

2. I Need A Knife By Tapan Madkikar

I Need A Knife By Tapan Madkikar Pop artworks
I NEED A KNIFE by Tapan Madkikar

If emptiness were glorified and put to print, it would look something like Madkikar’s absurdist pop artworks on a sun board. The potency of its sheen is glowed out on the canvas represented by the deepening, dense colors depicting a dining table at its rawest. And somehow, we are too looking for a knife. 

3. Untitled By Sohan Jakhar

Untitled By Sohan Jakhar pop artworks
Untitled by Sohan Jakhar

For the lack of a better title, we call this effervescent street piece, ‘Vendor Daze’ for its psychedelic aura reflects on a very different approach on street photography and art, infusing reality and dreamlike interpretation of a vendor selling children’s clothes on another day at the office. The magnitude of the content here is depicted in its strength to pose itself and we always do come across such brilliance when we look for it.

4.    Lady with Flowers By Shruti Vij

Lady With Flowers By Shruti Vij pop artworks
Lady With Flowers by Shruti Vij

There is something about the way she looks at us through the corner of her eyes, imitating a modern-day Mona Lisa stare. One would definitely be mesmerised and somewhat terrified by the confusion portrayed in the ‘lady’s stare. This is surely Indo pop art and one of the best pop artworks, with its ideals and elements, at its best.

5. Mechanical Head 2 By Priyabrata Roy Chowdhury

Mechanical Head 2 By Priyabrata Roy Chowdhury
Mechanical Head 2 by Priyabrata Roy Chowdhury

A cyberpunk portrayal of a very zany state of mind, depicting the machine and the way we envision the current system and the way it relates to our psyches. This is a leviathan project, content heavy and brightly colored, a work of pure talent and is supposed to be given the appreciation it deserves just like many other pop artworks.

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