5 Artworks That Spread The Message Of Peace And Harmony

By Team Mojarto

Art can build many things. It is an embodiment of a vision, idea and future. Art fosters understanding, develops empathy and expresses feelings. Art and culture can resolve conflicts and spread peace. Peace is an aspect that is necessary for everyone and everywhere in the world. It is a universal concept that improves brotherhood and harmony and vice versa. When there is a lot of chaos going on around us it is the right time to understand the role of art in spreading peace and love. Art allows the viewers to take a new perspective and understand peace better. Here are some artworks which convey the message of peace through every colour and stroke.

Peace Of Nature I by Mamata Shingade

Nature holds immense space for peace, it just depends on us to use it in the right way. A peaceful environment is a space for enrichment and enhancement. Artist Mamata Shingade captures the magical moment in nature where we can experience serenity and tranquillity through peace.

Seeking Peace by Amritpreet

Artist Amritpreet employs a unique way of portraying peace. The artist finds peace in colours and abstract art. Dr Amrit spreads the message of love and brotherhood through different hues and patterns.

The World Will Be One by Priyadarshini Ohol

The artwork titled ‘the world will be one is a gentle reminder of brotherhood. Brotherhood has the power to unite everyone in the world and create peace. The painting inspires hope, courage, light and dreams. It seeks a world without discrimination. It also expresses the need to accept and embrace differences.

Peace Planter by Amarendra Maharana

Art can both advocate peace and overcome the devastating effects of violence and hatred. Appropriately titled ‘peace planter’, the artwork fills the air with peace. Artist Amarendra Maharana effectively uses the image of a child, who is unknowingly spreading peace. The artist’s choice of cladding the child portrays the power of spirituality that can still spread love and peace. The innocence of the child and the scent of the lotus fill the air with love.


Picasso made the dove a modern symbol of peace. Dove symbolises love, peace, devotion, purity and message. The softly lulling coos of the dove are testimony to a divinely calming presence among us. Artist Mohan Kumar portrays the bird on his canvas and represents peace of the deepest kind. The artwork soothes and heals our troubled thoughts, enabling us to find renewal in the silence of the mind.