3 Tips To Buy Art For Novice Art Collectors

  • Team Mojarto

Let’s buy art today! But how? Which one to buy? These are some of the questions that arise in the minds of buyers. Buying art for the first time can be a daunting experience, particularly for those new to the art world. With an overabundance of artists, styles and types of work available, even veteran art collectors can have difficulties collecting new works. We have gathered some tips and techniques that can greatly aid novice art collectors in their buying endeavours. 

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Fortune Teller by Dhan Prasad

Art is a booming industry and there are quite a few great artists whose works aren’t limited to galleries and museums. They sell their art on the internet as well. Mojarto is the largest online art selling platform that is trusted by many art collectors and artists. Here are some tips for first-time buyers to help them get started in the world of art collecting.

There’s a lot to know about buying art for novices. Here we focus on the more casual art buyer and how they can go about purchasing art for their homes.

Buying art is a very personal experience. Everyone has their taste, but most people buy art to highlight a particular style that suits them personally. When it comes to buying art for beginners, there are a few things that you should know about.

For starters, think about what kind of art you want to collect before spending any money on it. If you’re looking for an original painting or print by one of your favourite artists, then do some research on them and see if they are selling at a show near you. For instance, if you’re looking for a print by M F Hussain then check out his website first and see if he’s holding any exhibitions in your area.

How to buy art?

First, know what you’re buying. You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing what kind of engine or transmission it has or where the best places are to get parts; you shouldn’t buy art without knowing what you’re looking for. If you don’t know anything about art, start by educating yourself about various terms, techniques and styles in contemporary times. Reading a little about the artwork you want to invest in, helps. Here is a blog on art terminologies to help you out!

Close Friends by Sarang Waghmare

Second, determine your budget. The cost of a piece of artwork varies widely depending on factors like size, medium and provenance (i.e., previous ownership). It’s easiest to figure out how much you can afford to spend by setting a budget upfront.

Third, know about the current trend in the art scenario. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check out the masters and famous artists. We suggest you explore the artworks of many artists and styles before pinning them down on one. This will give you a clear picture of what is happening in the art world. This research will also help you to know more about the artist and artworks that you are willing to buy. 

Where to buy art?

Next, comes the biggest question of where to buy original artworks from? A place that is authentic, credible, trusted by many, both buyers and artists and hassle-free buying experience. That is exactly what Mojarto is all about. Mojarto is a platform that is trusted by many for its credibility and customer service. A large number of artists from the art community have trusted in us and registered with us. Mojarto has the largest collection of artworks and sculptures offered at the best price to fulfil the needs of art lovers and buyers.