10 Black And White Abstract Art Paintings That You’ll Love

By Namrata Dutta

Defying visual references which exists around the world, Abstract art is an art style which has no form or figure. For many of us, black and white are not just colours, it is an embodiment of opposite forces and we more often tend to associate ourselves with these two colours. An absence of precise representation of imagery in art to convergence of two colours, black and white abstract paintings are a powerful medium, creating strong emotions and connections with its audiences.

Here is a collection of our favorite 10 abstract art paintings:

1. Energy/Emotional Transmutation 13 by S. Ravi Shankar

Energy/Emotional Transmutation 13 by S. Ravi Shankar

Artist Ravi Shankar lays his creative and non-referential abstract into canvas using acrylic and charcoal. This abstract black and white painting is a portrayal of human emotions and energy.

2. Attic Posture by Bhuwal Prasad

Attic Posture by Bhuwal Prasad

With an intention to create a set of beings that co-exist and in many ways intertwined in their existence, this piece of art is expressionist in nature. Bold strokes flowing in automatic rhythms, if seen from close quarters the paintings look completely abstract but seen from a distance, to the surprise of the viewers, figures and characters start evolving.

3. Seeker by Deepanshu Joshi

Seeker by Deepanshu Joshi

This artwork is from the collaboration of the inner and the outer beauty. Deepanshu Joshi’s seeker is just a release of mind through brush strokes.

4. O3 (We) by Jayshree Goradia

03 (We) by Jayshree Goradia

Artist Jayshree Goradia, plays with colours and carries interaction between the canvas medium and herself. Her black and white paintings are more about spontaneity and experiment.

5. Untitled N8 by Narendra Jatav

Untitled N8 by Narendra Jatav

This abstract black and white painting by the artist is a mixed media using charcoal and acrylic on canvas. It is a unique portrayal of fertility and prosperity. The artist adds a touch of modern sensibility to a more traditional theme.

6. Drawing by Prabin Kumar Nath

Inspired by different shapes and textures to draw series of work, this artwork by Prabin Kumar is dedicated to speedy life.

7. Exhilaration by Deviba Wala

Exhilaration by Deviba Wala

This artwork of Deviba Wala represents a broad spectrum of lines intersecting into each other as if weaving a beguiling net for the viewer to immerse in.

8. Untitled 5 by Vikash Kalra

10 x 13 in acrylic and ink on paper 5
Untitled 5 by Vikash Kalra

Delhi based artist, Vikash Kalra throws out images of things seen or glimpsed and spills them onto the canvas.

9. Black & White by Nitin Rai

Black & White by Nitin Rai

Nitin Rai brings out the individual characteristics of black and white in a more idiosyncratic way. His artwork paints a poem into abstract which becomes a visual treat.

10. Paper 2 BSilver by Bhaskar Hande

Paper 02 1988
Paper 2 Bsilver by Bhaskar Hande

This artwork by Bhaskar Hande beholds the world around us in abstraction.