Varanasi Arts Project| Lord Shiva and Brahma By Nilesh Artist

By Team Mojarto

Mojarto wishes everyone Happy Maha Shivratri & presents you the work from Shiva’s Nagri Varanasi done during our Varanasi Arts Project by Artist Nilesh.

Dashashvmedh Ghat is one of the oldest and holiest ghats of Varanasi. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma created the ghat to welcome Lord Shiva to the ancient city of Kashi, now known as Varanasi. The artist has depicted the deities on each of the tanks to mark the event. The planets surrounding Lord Brahma represent his status as the creator of the Universe. Lord Shiva’s mount, the Nandi bull, sits adjacent to him. The coming of Ganga from Heaven to Earth, with Lord Shiva’s locks of hair breaking her speed and fury, can also be seen painted on the tank.

About Nilesh

From the age of 8, Nilesh developed the passion of transforming his ideas and thoughts into beautiful artwork. Soon after completing his diploma in fine arts from pune, Nilesh became widely known for incorporating hand drawn personal sentiments, emotions and feelings in his street works.

Produced and conceptualised by – Mojarto

In collaboration with: Namami Gange

Supported By: Union Bank Of India

Transformation Partner: Nerolac Paints

Project Director – Meenakshi Payal