Varanasi Arts Project | Deflated By NeverCrew

By Team Mojarto

Mojarto presents a short video of Nevercrew’s work titled “Deflated” for Varanasi Arts Project. What looks like a deflated plastic balloon in the shape of a fish actually represents the effect of pollution on the river. It is a transformation of the habitat (the river is polluted with plastic, the fish eats the plastic, the fish actually becomes plastic) and the abuse of the habitat (a river full of fish is now empty and lifeless). In this work of art, we see human intervention as it has happened and as it could happen in the future– on the one hand you have an abandoned, deflated, exploited fish and on the other hand, there is the possibility of inflating it again to give it back its original shape and life.

What NEVERCREW seeks is both a direct impact and a slow and deep reaction, aiming to stimulate a spatial, empathic and emotional interaction. The goal is to interact with “perspectives”, evoking a global participation within a system, stimulating the idea of an active participation of each single element. NEVERCREW is a swiss based artists duo composed by Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni. Their work focuses on the relationship between mankind and nature and on the relationship between mankind and the system, in particular on the effects of human attitudes on the environment, on social injustices and on the relationship between the concept and the forms of “systems” and an essential, natural, human and animal truth.

The Swiss artist duo add an important message to create awareness about the global crisis of litter and pollution.

Produced and conceptualised by Mojarto

In collaboration with: Namami Gange

Supported By: UnionBankOfIndia

Transformation Partner: Nerolac Paints India

Institutional Partner: ProHelvetiaNewDelhi -Swiss Arts Council

Project Director – Meenakshi Payal