Transform Your Homes With Elegant And Attractive Sculptures

By Team Mojarto

Sculpting is one of the finest art forms that is boundless and liberating. It is both versatile and dynamic in its adaption to contemporary style and techniques. The choice of material and creativity is vast in them. Apart from this, there is something more to love and adore about sculptures. We all love sculptures for their beauty, elegance and richness. They are one of the most eclectic and durable home decors. Sculptures can transform your homes and add a dash of luxury to them. Mojarto has the most unique and ever-demanding sculptures that can be the centre of attraction in any nook and corner. Add a little magic to that boring corner to make it more dramatic, attractive and lively.

Bonsai Tree by Amit Kumar Singh

Gardens are one of the best places to add a sculpture. It gives a tale for your gardens to tell every time someone visits it. This bonsai tree made up of marble is the best choice to make your green patch look more inviting and inspiring. The time spent between greenery and this added attraction will make your gardens the best place to relax.

Krishna by Subramanian G

Sculptures can fit in anywhere, both in terms of space and aesthetics. You can pick something small and cute that goes with everything else or massive that becomes the centre of attraction. This cute little bronze sculpture titled Krishna is eye-catching. Bronze sculptures are always in trend for their attractiveness. It is the best choice to decorate your hallway. Placed on a corner of a table, the sculpture does its task of attracting eyes.

“Prakruti” The Wave Of Nature by Aarti Gupta Bhadauria

Give a twist to your contemporary interior design with a classic-looking terracotta sculpture. Terracotta and abstract forms are a unique combination that can make your guests aw struck. This sculpture title ‘Prakruti- the wave of nature’ adds warmth to the space. It is a great conversation starter and intrigues people to talk about it. Get your guests talking!

Body Chakras by Aastha Bairollia

This sculpture is the best choice for your entrance. It gives a sense of warm welcoming. It creates a divine atmosphere and spreads positivity at your entrance. Let your guests enter your home with a smile, happiness and its aura.