The Artistic Language Of Music That Feeds The Soul 

By Daya Kingston

Music like art is a language that transcends boundaries and when it alights on a canvas, the resulting blend is sheer joy. Whether it’s the refined structured music or drum beats that simply match the musician’s mood, it has a capacity to create a mood and animate the viewer. Here’s a look at some beautiful artwork that can mesmerize one’s soul.

1. Lost in his own drum beat

Musician  by Shankar Gojare, Painting, Acrylic on Canvas, LANDSCAPE, ORIGINAL_ONLY

Musician By Shankar Gojare

The pulsating energy of the musician as his eyes and mouth reverberate to the hypnotic beat of the drum is captured beautifully. The vibrant colours and the strokes are cheerful and draw you into their effervescence. It’s one of those paintings that make you part of the mood depicted and not a passive viewer. This acrylic on canvas by Shankar Gojare enthralls you and makes your feet tap to a beat of their own.

2. Synchrony takes a new twist


Rhythm By Veena Sukumar

Veena Sukumar takes us on a voyage of music where a group of musicians are playing in synchrony. The surprise twist is a cow sitting among them looking like an active participant in the creation of their music and not feeling out of place. Veena says, “ Like art, music helps us express ourselves. The art of playing instruments together needs a lot of co-ordination. I tried to express the involvement and expressions of the artists in this painting.