India’s First Virtual Art Fair – OnArt Fair: In Highlights

By Team Mojarto 

The inaugural edition of the OnArt Fair – India’s first virtual art fair – kicked off with a bang yesterday evening and it is here for another 2 more days with artworks, events and contests of all shapes and forms.
With one-of-a-kind gems presented in ‘booths’ offering some very persuasive prices, OnArt Fair caters to all tastes and expectations. Here are just a few booths to look out for:

Vernssage Art Gallery

Presenting the mastery of veteran artist Amrut Patel; the rhythm in sculptor Gurmeet Goldie; the ethereal in self-taught artist Bhavish Ahuja; the innate beauty in senior artists Sabia and Vimal Chand; the rigour in sculptor Vernika Singh; and the profound human touch in artist Sobha Nagar; together with an astute and impressive collection of folk and traditional art, Verssage Art Gallery offers a wondrous, expansive and deeply rich experience into the art world. The very diverse collection speaks as much to the prolific capabilities of the artists presented as it does to the gallery’s approach to all things art.

bhavish ahuja tanta series on view at vernssage art gallery

Bhavish Ahuja, Tanta Series, On View at Vernssage Art Gallery

Dhi Artspace

Envisioned as an incubator for young talents, Dhi Artspace has been an articulate participant in the global discourse on contemporary art. For the OnArt Fair, they have presented the works of a unique set of artists, who take the nuance further. Arjun Das takes on the concept of privilege; Jagadeesh Tammineni deals with the issues of rapid modernisation; Murali Chinnasamy goes deep into his subconscious; Sumana Som attempts to map and define spaces; Where Ravi Chunchula takes on the symbols and motifs that emerged during the pandemic and puts a humours and satire spin to a dire situation.

Untitled, Chandranath Acharya. On view at Art Houz booth

Untitled, Chandranath Acharya. On view at Art Houz booth

Pichwais by Beyond Square

Beyond Squaredraws inspiration from India’s rich heritage to manufacture a vast variety of specially handcrafted furniture & decorative articles in Udaipur, Rajasthan; and at the OnArt fair, they are presenting a unique collection of works that celebrate the stunning and intricate tradition of Pichwai. With each work better and more impressive than the last, all at very affordable prices, Beyond Square’s collection is sure not to be missed.

Untitled, Kalyan Mal Sahoo, On view at The Gallery Store

Untitled, Kalyan Mal Sahoo, On view at The Gallery Store

Merakii Art House

With a rather breath-taking collection Merakii Art House brings to the OnArt Fair the works of artists Ritika Aurora, Chandni Gulati, Shraddha Gambhir, Parneet Kaur, Jyotika Vijay Sharma, Swati Pasari, Vinod Prakash, Naseem Siddiqui, Dr. Tabasum Nizami, Ashish Agarwal, Swadha Prasad, Veronika Sharma and Vatsala Khera – a unique group of artists who collectively speak of almost all things under the sun, but lend it an almost ethereal quality that forces us to confront the beauty in it all.

Untitled, Salim Sadiq. On view at Hunar Showcasing Art at OnArt Fair

Untitled, Salim Sadiq. On view at Hunar Showcasing Art at OnArt Fair

The Gallery Store

As the destination for modern and contemporary art and collectibles, The Gallery Store is inspired by the rich heritage ofIndia and features a distinctive collection of works from across thecountry. Their presentation at the OnArt Fair is no different. With one-of-a-kind works created by R.K Sharma and KalyanMal Sahu, using fish bone and natural colours respectively, offered at very affordable prices, TGS elevates the narrative on high art while simplifying it for first-time buyers.

Works on view at Majlis Art Forum

Works on view at Majlis Art Forum

Majlis Art Forum

Majilis Art Forum, formally registered as an NGO is a self-help group of artists who seek to popularise art in the best interest of artists and art lovers everywhere. Which makes their participation at the OnArt Fair all the more meaningful. Presenting works of a whopping 27 different artists, including emerging or self-taught artists and veterans, all created in a variety of different mediums, styles and subjects, Majilis’ collection is sure to speak directly to the audience.

Hunar Showcasing Art

Mythology, history, natural beauty and the ever-lasting human connection with it all are just some of the concepts dealt with in the collection of works showcased by Hunar. Featuring around 20 different artists, all exploring their craft in a highly nuanced manner, Hunar Showcasing Art offers a rare and satisfying experience that sure should not be missed.

Art Houz Gallery

Probably a well-known name in the world of contemporary art by now, Art Houz, to the OnArt Fair, has brought a collection of works that inspires, enriches and evokes curiosity. Working their way through abstracts, landscapes, figurative drawings and sculptures, the featured artists take on the physical and emotional constraints of being locked in homes by placing human emotions in the centre of it all. Presenting works of A.V. Ilango, Bhaskar Rao, Chandranath Acharya, Gurudas Shenoy, Jasurawal, JMS Mani, M. Ramamurthy, P.S. Kumar, S.G. Vasudev and G. Subramanian, Art Houz presents a new interpretation of the world by looking in.

The fair was held online  from 28th – 30th August 2020.