Different Perspectives: Art As The Polyseme

Parul Agarwal

Art, the word, is a universe in itself. Every individual differs on what art is and have their own perspective about art. Music, dance, cooking, fine art (paintingsculpture, pottery, etc.), architecture, literature are all different forms of art. Here the focus is on fine art of painting.
In ancient times, people usually painted every detail of a subject finely. Paintings used to be realistic then. But as the technology advanced, digital cameras showed up and captured the tiniest detail. Thus, the exertion put in painting the details shifted towards painting the imagination. 
For some, painting is all about how intricately it’s been painted. For some, it is pure imagination. For some, it is what they see and paint. For some, it is what they paint having thoroughly observed and understood the subject. For some, it is the expression of what is going inside that cannot be expressed in words. It is the medium of expression for their feelings and emotions. Painting, for me, is the piece of artwork that does not already exist physically. If it does, it might be a coincidence. Sometimes, the imagination ends up in reality.

Break Through By Ella Prakash
Break Through By Ella Prakash

Painting is free-flowing, soothing, relaxing and has calming effect. It recharges the soul. The effect of colours and their blending on mind, heart and soul is rejuvenating and cannot be expressed in words. It takes one to a fantasy world. When I paint, I don’t have any subject in mind. I paint and then watch keenly what comes out and enjoy the process. Everything drawn or painted is a piece of art with which a viewer can establish some connection. The artwork might not always be enticing which is not essential though. Artworks depicting dark emotions may not be aesthetically pleasing but their message and the emotions they evoke cannot be overlooked. 
Thus, quoting Duane Hanson,” Art doesn’t have to be pretty, it has to be meaningful”
The writer is an artist