“Andaz-E-Rang”- A Colourful Extravaganza

By Smruthi Nadig 

Aura Planet Group Arts is bringing an exhibition on 24th May, curated by Erum Khan. Erum, founder of Aura Planet Group Arts, is all set to present her new exhibition, “Andaz-E-Rang” which is an ode to the myriad hues and tones, brought to life by the colourful compositions of artists, a veritable visual feast for art lovers and connoisseurs. Erum believes that colours have its own glory and emotions and thus intends to engage the viewers in an emotional dialogue with colours. 

The exhibition displays a varied collection of paintings, digital artphotography and sculptures without any boundaries of subject or theme coming together as a assembly of colours. Delhi based artist Hari Singh, whose enchanting view of the Jama Masjid is on view at the exhibition says, “This theme of colours helped me choose my subject.”

He adds, “the beauty of Jama Masjid is that it not just stands as a symbol of faith for one religion but a cultural pride for all.” Calling it as one of the beautiful buildings he has seen he further adds, “the colour of the building changes quite frequently from morning to evening which fascinates me”. 

“Jama Masjid” Artwork by Hari Singh

 “I have been selecting my artists from all across India. They bring together the rich cultural heritage from their own native states. Each one of them are masters in their own style of colours, be it oil to acrylic to watercolours across all the mediums.” says Erum. 

image 2 2
Artwork by Suraj Shukla

 Suraj Shukla, a realistic painter is having his fourth collaboration with curator Erum Khan tells us, “The title for the exhibition was chosen after looking at all the artworks as for some artists it is very personal, some paint according to their imaginations while others follow the rules.” He has four paintings on view at the exhibition. 
The exhibition also features artists Razi Khan, Hari Singh, Suraj Shukla, Harjit Dhillon, Priyadarshi Gautam, Jyoti Singh, Mohan Lal, Anil Tato, Swati Sanil,Sandhya Singh,Vinod Prakash, Preeti Mathur, Naseem Ahmed, Smriti Veer, Anindita Biswas Roy, Vironika Zutshi, Kamakshi Bangia, Syed Ali Nowaz, Pooja Sinha, Dimpy Harpreet Makkar, Pooja Sinha, Mohd Rizwan Ahmed, Aditya Arora Gupta, Geetanjali Sharma, Mayank Kapoor, Ranjana Gupta, Reena Chopra, Neetu Gupta, Monika Nagar, Monika Singh Maurya, Dr Shagufta Khanam, Soniya Verma and Sculptor Zakir Khan.

The exhibition. Andaz-E-Rung  is on view at All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS), New Delhi from 24th – 30th May 2019