A Monologue Of Being- The Story Of Growth

By Team Mojarto 

Story telling, at its root, is a narrative of a person; a stage in their life or an event becomes an inspiration and leads to a creation of something new. Each stage tells a distinctive story, those staple experiences we all have and the dreams that change with times and each stage. It brings up Shakespeare’s poem about the seven ages of life and how the world is a stage and we are mere characters. As we grow, the clothes change, and we adorn ourselves with newer robes.

These images capture the story of a person’s growth and the changing view point. 

1. Celestial Blessings, Kashmir

Celestial Blessings, Kashmir By Sugato Mukherjee

The birth of a child is the utmost source of happiness and glee for any family across societies; it is a boon given to young couples. A child is symbolic of innocence, untouched by the harsh realities who only knows their mother’s touch and feel. It lives in the moment and is only aware of just the basic needs, protected form harms way all the time. With the sun rays in the foreground, the child seems to be shielded in a golden layer, while being coddled in the woman’s arms. 

2. Children of Heaven

Children of Heaven By Subhajit Dutta

Bright eyes, big dreams and a bag full of magic, children feel like they are the true rulers of the world. Any adult is the villain in their success story and books are the hurdles that they want to get rid of. The school years give us indelible memories and cherished friendships, and we hope that all the years that are to come will be just like that. The eyes of the girl are full of those dreams and her smile is all that she needs to go on. 

3. Camel Caretaker Make Its Presence in A Mystic World of Pushkar

Camel Caretaker Make Its Presence In A Mystic World Of Pushkar
Camel Caretaker Make Its Presence In A Mystic World Of Pushkar by Ravindra Kumar Tanwar

The early twenties and thirties, when we are fully equipped to take on the world, ready to realise the dreams we had seen as children, are truly the decades of marvel. We are like horses, keeping the target in sight and charging ahead with all our might. This young man has the same look of conviction that we paint on our faces to beam of confidence. We truly feel the power of change that resides in us, and now that we are aware of the complexities of the world, we are even more driven. 

4. Untitled 

Untitled By Jj Valaya
Untitled By JJ Valaya

Life seems to have settled down and we choose to simply relish the fruits of our labour. We feel accomplished and now we choose to sprinkle the magic dust in our lives and follow the dreams that the younger self had seen but we chose to not follow. There is a sense of fulfilment and we prioritise others over ourselves- our friends and family, cherishing the time we had lost in our youth.

5. Phaneng: Untitled 9

Phaneng: Untitled 9 By Samar Singh Jodha
Phaneng: Untitled 9 By Samar Singh Jodha

Our reputation and our stories proceed us now; the long years we have lived somehow validate all the wisdom we impart when we are old. The innocence of childhood seems to return and we are able to see the little wonders of life once again. The circle is virtually complete for we are aware of our basic needs and are protected from harm by our loved ones. Each fold of the skin and each mark on our body is a saga in itself and we wait for life to take that final bow.