The Beauty Of Tempera Paintings And Its Eternal Elegance: 4 Must Have Paintings In Your Home Decor

By Team Mojarto 

Mojarto’s show ‘Timeless Tempera’ extolls the beauty and elegance of an age old technique in painting called as the tempera paintings.

Tempera Paintings are done using the technique of combining dry pigments with a binding medium. Often the yolk of an egg would be the easiest material available to execute this particular technique and style, making the artwork last for quite some time.

The show Timeless Tempera on Mojarto showcases how fluid the medium is and how deft the skills of the artists are to be able to execute the ideas and artwork. The most beautiful aspect is the gentle pastel like effect of the works that are unique to the medium that is used.
Atish Mukheree’s ‘The Fish’ is a well-researched concept of marine life and nature, executed in brilliant hues.

The Fish By Atish Mukherjee, Tempera paintings
The Fish By Atish Mukherjee

In the above painting by Atish Mukherjee, We can see that the fish is smaller than the man suggesting that the title belies the intent of the work itself. The folkish appearance of the forms and composition are telling of a narrative approach and a simple, down to earth rendition of a complex idea of the relationship between man and nature. The overall composition is dynamic and flowing, making the otherwise static forms quite alive. The choice of colors used by Atish Mukherjee also presents a very vibrant tone to the onlookers.

House With Double Moon By Amit Biswas, tempera paintings
House With Double Moon By Amit Biswas

In this Tempera work, It is easy to spot the moon but the clever double moon could very well be the shadow of the moon itself or even the reflection of the moon shape in a mark next to the terrace of the house depicted. The walls and shapes are bright but slightly eerie as they suggest absolute stillness. The house and the surroundings seem to be covered in a sheath of orangish light and the source is quite absent, making the effect quite surreal.

Flower 3 by Manoj Dutta

This is one of the best Tempera Paintings available in Mojarto, Manoj Dutta skillfully presents to the viewers the beauty of a sunflower. The strokes of the brushes itself denote the richness of the painting. Tempera Paintings are best known for their graceful texture and Manoj Dutta makes no mistake in doing it.

Krishna by Bratin Khan

Bratin khan is one of Mojarto’s most splendid artists and his works are the example of how much he’s worth the praise. He gracefully brings out the image of Lord Krishna in this tempera painting that gives a pleasant yet intriguing tone. If you haven’t yet checked out his Tempera Paintings, Please do and we bet you won’t regret doing it.