5 Tips To Use Social Media To Build Your Exclusive Art Network?

By Team Mojarto 

Dipping their fingers in paints and stressing their tendons to get that perfect curve while at the same time making sure that whatever they imagined is present on the canvas exactly, if not better… artists undergo a long, exhausting process. However, what’s even more exhausting is making one’s presence known. 

Babu On Twitter By Bhaskar Chitrakar social media
Babu On Twitter By Bhaskar Chitrakar

In the early days, it was tough having to constantly compete with the notaries in the industry and wait to book a show which may or may not guarantee your presence in the art world. But today, residing at the peak of the digital era with the ability to show up on anyone and everyone’s screen, it would be a waste if artists do not make the most of it and imprint their presence on not just the world but people’s minds. Mojarto brings to you a small checklist that will help you build your network through social media.

Research and act
Anyone who’s in the process of building a network must research their platform and their audience. There are so many social media networks today. It is best to reserve some time to find out which ones are the best fits for the artist and if he/she would be able to attract the best audience for their works through that platform. 

Grab Attention
The first impression always leaves the best impression. When it comes to social media, your handle name depicts your impression. Frame an original name that reflects your and work’s personality and grabs people’s attention at first glance. 

Narrate to Captivate
An artist’s social media is supposed to be interesting and attractive; be it aesthetically or content-based. The content, image, design, words; everything must narrate the artist’s style and captivate the audience so they keep coming back for more.

It’s a World of Hashtags
It may be astonishing but it is true. If the digital era is the empire then Hashtag is its emperor, which is why it is important to know which hashtags are trending, which are the most followed and which will reach your audience faster. If you know your hashtags, then you may be able to rule social media.

Engage with your Audience
Never hesitate to engage with your audience. A comment, a follow back, a message; even the smallest gesture matters. They are the backbone of your network and they need to know that they are valued and respected. Engaging will also broaden your network.

Despite all of these tips, one social media necessity is the artist’s ability to keep posting. No matter how many posts it takes, social media truly helps out when there is continuity. So, keep posting and grow your network.