5 Reasons ‘WHY’ People Buy Art

By Neera Sehgal

Ever wondered why people buy artwork? Simple!  Art is amazing and all passionate individuals want it to be a part of their lives. It is aesthetically pleasing, can start a conversation, inspire creativity in the viewer and also transform people into more positive, well-rounded human beings.  What’s more, art is the ultimate personal healer during stressful times. In short, the reasons for amassing artwork are many. Let’s ponder over 5 concrete ones.

Love Art: Many people acquire artwork based on their artistic and emotional response to it. The fact that they feel good and sense a strong connection with a piece is reason enough to buy it. These collectors purchase art that they love, which speaks to them and is a visual expression of what they find meaningful.

Great Investment: Art is one of the best and oldest ways to invest your money. Imagine possessing a truly remarkable piece that will also see a significant increase in value at a future date. There are people whose sole intent for buying art is to build a collection that will yield some kind of financial returns.


Inspiration & Motivation: Paintings can inspire, motivate and fill you with a new vigor. These unique qualities help people open their minds to ruminate and break through the creative roadblock. Art has the potential to fuel the imagination and evokes feelings of strength to undertake, otherwise, challenging tasks.

Enriches the Environment: Art tends to have a positive effect on the environment. It can brighten and transform any setting by giving it character and more warmth. The visual enjoyment of a space full of artful beauty, just spilling around is uplifting which makes life more engaging and enriching.

Gifting: Although art is a very personal thing, many people purchase it for gifting to loved ones. Be it a festive time or a very special occasion, a good piece of art makes for a unique, thoughtful and innovative gift, one that can be treasured for a lifetime. Think about it, any which way you look at it, art is good for you! No wonder people buy art. Are you ready to explore the world of art and introduce it into your life? Browse through Mojarto’s beautiful collection to get started now…