5 Best Photographers In Instagram To Follow

by Enakshi Sharma

Instagram has emerged to be a medium where each photographer vies to be the most popular and to have the maximum number of followers. But as usual, only a few manage to be successfully able to create an indomitable presence in this world. Here are five such accomplished photographers that you can consider following. Apart from the sheer visual delight, these images can also be a good learning experience if you are a budding photographer yourself.

Sumit Dayal

Sumit is a practising photographer from Nepal who travelled to Nepal after the 2015 earthquake and to create a visual movement around it. His feed is a mix of his photographs from the #nepalphotoproject that he began as an initiative and got multitudes to unite. He is also very active within the photographic community in India. He was in the core team of Delhi photo Festival. Apart from this, he is also the initiator of India Photo Project.

Neeraj Priyadarshi

He started his professional career with the Indian Express covering Mumbai riots, documenting the miserable episode and more like his various assignments, some of them which are notable and can be found on his feed are Michael Jackson in India, US presidential visits, Bihar floods, Indian embassy bomb attack in Afghanistan, and now the National Photo Editor. He has recently been awarded the Nikon Times Journal of Photography Award for his work on manual scavenging which helped abolish the practice of manual scavenging in the Indian Railways. His Instagram feed features a lot of his independent and can be found by the hashtag #lostfoundlost

Manoj Jadhav

He is a relatively lesser known photographer on Instagram but his works can be considered a hidden gem. His forte is fashion photography and his sense of style is visible from his unique styling and mood in his images that are sensual yet very artistic. He cites Man Ray, Horse P Horse, Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Sebastiao Salgado.

Anushree Fadnavis, a Mumbai based photojournalist is a must follow in Instagram

Anushree Fadnavis

A Mumbai based photojournalist who works with a news agency Indus Images. For 10 long years, she has worked on documenting everyday life on the local trains of Mumbai. Each day she puts up a well-crafted image from ladies compartment where she would encounter multiple stories captured through her immaculate frames.  Occasionally, she also puts of short videos capturing slices of a Mumbaikar’s life.

Teju cole

Nigerian-American writer turned photographer Teju Cole writes for the New Yorker and is well known art critic apart from being an art critic. Once he famously compared Instagram to an exhibition space located outside the peripheries of a museum. Naturally, his own Instagram feed is no less than a well-curated exhibition space located beyond the physical boundaries of museums or books and accessible to one and all.