5 Vastu Paintings That Exude Positivity

We are what we are surrounded by, be it thoughts revolving in our heads, people in our lives, or things that are present in the space that we inhabit. Whoever said, “Art makes a home more human,” was right on point. With works of art, you can feel at ease. They elevate our senses and exude positivity.  Even Vastu Shastra lays emphasis on the importance of having the right paintings to aid in the flow of positive energy in the home.

Myths Recast: In Conversation With Basukinath Dasgupta

Every Indian’s childhood is marked with certain notions which are relatable in every aspect and one among those is the myths and old folk tales. Artist Basuki Dasgupta takes these folk tales, along with his precious childhood memories, and adds a modern touch to them in his artwork.

Brave Art Of Political Cartooning

By Dhiraj Singh EVERY NATION HAS DEBATED the place of wit and humour in the telling of its story. Should it be there? Or how...

5 Incredible Paintings Of Indian Markets

India, one of the world's most culturally and aesthetically diverse countries, has its fair share of famous markets hidden away in every nook that provides a living for many. However, this nation is rife with peculiarities, and in all its grandeur, you would find yourself pretty enthralled in its markets. They are places where colours, commerce, and culture converge. Let’s dive in and visit five market spaces of India through paintings by contemporary artists in Mojarto. 

Welcome Winter With 5 Magnificent Landscape Paintings

Winter and art share a strange affinity, it is in fact very peculiar and ever so fascinating. However transfixing wintry scenes may be, their depiction in paintings was scant. Over time, winter as a subject has grown to be appreciated and loved not only by artists but also by collectors worldwide. Embrace the beauty of this season with five breathtaking winter landscape paintings by Indian artists.

Serigraphs: An Exceptional Ancient Technique Revisited

Art is a form of human expression and throughout history, artists have used various techniques and mediums to create sensational artworks. Each piece of art has a story, from its conception to its execution and finally, when you purchase it, you will be continuing the story, the history, and the journey of that artwork. . Serigraphs are one such medium that has been widely used by many artists.They are high-quality limited edition fine art prints. They offer a great opportunity for novice collectors to begin collecting works by renowned artists at affordable prices.

Buying Indian Paintings Online: A Trend Today

The fine art market continues to boom and the demand for Indian art is rocketing, it has been seen as a fine investment. Works by eminent artists like M. F. Hussain, S. H. Raza put us on the map. Buying Indian art by both esteemed master artists and emerging artists is not only accessible but it has been made easier.

How To Care For Your Acrylic Paintings

When you invest in art that you love, you would want to retain the quality of your paintings. Often, dust tends to accumulate on our paintings; acrylics are all the more prone to attract dust and grime. Here is how you can ensure their longevity by caring for them.

Calming Paintings For Your Wall

Travelling, sightseeing, meeting friends have a supremely calming effect and make us smile every time. Paintings too have a way of transporting us someplace else, especially in the worst of times, they can have an alleviating effect on our souls and minds. Hanging a painting and viewing it has proven to have therapeutic benefits too. Here’s why hanging paintings can be both soothing and appealing.

Exploring Expressionism In 10 Iconic Indian Paintings

Expressionism as an art movement spanned numerous countries, diverse mediums, and periods. Expressionism closely explores the human psyche, by either exaggerating or distorting the subject and strives to achieve a subjective depiction of the artist's emotions. Contemporary Indian artists have broadened their scopes by imbibing expressionist style in their artwork in response to the sheer ugliness they discern in life. Here are ten contemporary artists, whose artwork exhibit expressionism.