Why Not Bring In Unique Art Deco To Your Home?

There have been many influential movements in the evolution of art and one of the most prominent was Art Deco or Style Moderne. This first appeared in France just before World War I and kept growing bigger. It became so big that it ended up influencing the design of everything from art, furniture to even mundane everyday objects such as radios.The key features of the Art Deco style are simple, clean shapes, often with a “streamlined” look. The idea was to craft a sleek look with unconventional elegance that symbolised wealth and sophistication.

Careful Breaking And Re-Assembling Of Elements: Cubism Is Beauty In Fragments

Cubism seeks a new meaning in a creative re-figuring of the real. It is an illusion of artificial wholeness, with new meanings. The process of breaking up the object and re-assembling it in an abstracted form involves a cerebral challenge, such that the final creation is an interesting blend of the actual subject within a geometric framework.

How To Make Fine Art Prints At Home

Making your own fine art prints at home is much more accessible than you might think. The technology involved is advanced and reliable, the costs are affordable for most photographers and artists, and it’s a great investment. It also creates many exciting creative opportunities as you are much freer to experiment, and you have a wider choice of print media.

What Are The Major Types Of Mixed Media?

Many artists choose to work with mixed media because it allows them to break the boundaries between different art forms and give a whole new dimension to their creativity. There are no limits to what can be achieved by blending these, you can try to add sculpture to your painting, you can create a painting and add swatches of fabric, memorabilia, rocks and so on or paint on top of photographs or print on them.

Acrylic Medium: A Fascinating Blessing To The Artists

Acrylics are indeed one the most versatile paints to work with. As quoted by Corrine Loomis-Dietz, an artist from Salem, “Acrylics do not need to be flat, matte, muddy and boring! GOLDEN mediums, gels and grounds are the secret beauty of painting with this extremely versatile medium.” Acrylic paint is pigment suspended in a polymer emulsion and acrylic mediums are made with the same emulsion base as the paint. When these two are mixed, there is no fear of paint cracking as both dry at the same rate. This is one reason why acrylic mediums are so popular with the artists.

Warli Art- The Tribal Art, Which Has Survived The Leverage Of Evolution And Technology

Warli art, born in the 10th century, was practiced by the warli tribes of Maharashtra. India is a vibrant society where colour, noise, dance, and patterns are primary. Decorating homes is not the latest process of the Homo Sapiens, but also our long-forgotten sibling species, homo neanderthals. Drawings and paintings have been imbued with the culture right from the times of neanderthals. Early, humans used drawings to record history and decorate homes. Their penchant for expressing art later developed into different folk art forms with time and refinement.

Blushing In Cochineal Colour Red

The history of the colour red has been covered many times over – but little has been said on its artistic uses and more modern pigment history. ooking at the colour red is an intense, bold and beautiful experience. When used correctly – the effect is mesmerizing and almost, historic. Flags, paint pigments and even revolutions are not bereft of this powerful colour.

5 Tips To Use Social Media To Build Your Exclusive Art Network?

In the early days, it was tough having to constantly compete with the notaries in the industry and wait to book a show which may or may not guarantee your presence in the art world. But today, residing at the peak of the digital era with the ability to show up on anyone and everyone’s screen, it would be a waste if artists do not make the most of it and imprint their presence on not just the world but people’s minds. Mojarto brings to you a small checklist that will help you build your network through social media.

The Blueprint That Never Was

Sarah Winchester, wife of William Wirt Winchester who popularized the ‘repeating rifle’, built a sprawling mansion with no blueprint, in order to escape the ghosts of her past.

Know Why Contemporary Art Forms Became The Expression Of Today

Contemporary art forms include painting, sculpture, photography, performance, virtual art produced today. Though term ‘today is quite tricky to define, it largely means contemporary times. This art classification evolved in the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, i.e., the end of modern art.