Buy Indian Art

The fine art market continues to boom and the demand for Indian art is rocketing, it has been seen as a fine investment. Works by eminent artists like M. F. Hussain, S. H. Raza put us on the map. Buying Indian art by both esteemed master artists and emerging artists is not only accessible but it has been made easier.

How To Care For Your Acrylic Paintings

When you invest in art that you love, you would want to retain the quality of your paintings. Often, dust tends to accumulate on our paintings; acrylics are all the more prone to attract dust and grime. Here is how you can ensure their longevity by caring for them.

Calming Paintings For Your Wall

Travelling, sightseeing, meeting friends have a supremely calming effect and make us smile every time. Paintings too have a way of transporting us someplace else, especially in the worst of times, they can have an alleviating effect on our souls and minds. Hanging a painting and viewing it has proven to have therapeutic benefits too. Here’s why hanging paintings can be both soothing and appealing.

Exploring Expressionism In 10 Iconic Indian Paintings

Expressionism as an art movement spanned numerous countries, diverse mediums, and periods. Expressionism closely explores the human psyche, by either exaggerating or distorting the subject and strives to achieve a subjective depiction of the artist's emotions. Contemporary Indian artists have broadened their scopes by imbibing expressionist style in their artwork in response to the sheer ugliness they discern in life. Here are ten contemporary artists, whose artwork exhibit expressionism. 

5 Exquisite Door Photography To Liven Up Your Space

Door Photography captures not just the art of story-telling but also encapsulates the essence of culture. Doors carry hidden secrets, much like us humans. Such mystery and duality surround them. They can even evoke an array of emotions and feelings that make one wonder and wander off into a state of reflection.

Artistic Beauty For The Ages: How To Safeguard Your Fine Art In Your Home

Indian consumers are ravenous for fine art. Roughly 62% of art galleries in India reported a massive increase in their sales, according to ArtTactic. If you’ve purchased fine art for your home, it is smart to know how you can properly store, display, and protect it. So how can you suitably safeguard your art in your home and maintain its sparkling condition for years to come?

A Monologue Of Being- The Story Of Growth

Story telling, at its root, is a narrative of a person; a stage in their life or an event becomes an inspiration and leads to a creation of something new. Each stage tells a distinctive story, those staple experiences we all have and the dreams that change with times and each stage. It brings up Shakespeare’s poem about the seven ages of life and how the world is a stage and we are mere characters. As we grow, the clothes change, and we adorn ourselves with newer robes. These images capture the story of a person’s growth and the changing view point. 

Sunset And Chill? 3 Artworks That Depict Sunset In A Stunning Way

There’s something so magical about sunsets. You watch the sun go down, see those beautiful colours in the sky, clouds moving about, it’s a wonderful sight. It’s powerful enough to stop you from whatever that you’re doing, just to watch the colours dancing over you. It’s almost like love at first sight; you just fall in love once you look at it. There is nothing that you would want to change about it. What is fascinating is that, for us humans, a simple act of the sun going down seems so magical. It’s simply nature. We’re all so caught up with our lives that we forget to appreciate the little things that make us happy.

Crafting The Identity Of Indian Cities 

Indian cities have a charm of their own, each of them have a distinctive character. With diverse influences and history, their uniqueness is what adds to their appeal and identity. Here’s a look at some works inspired by urban life in Indian cities.

Why Not Bring In Unique Art Deco To Your Home?

There have been many influential movements in the evolution of art and one of the most prominent was Art Deco or Style Moderne. This first appeared in France just before World War I and kept growing bigger. It became so big that it ended up influencing the design of everything from art, furniture to even mundane everyday objects such as radios.The key features of the Art Deco style are simple, clean shapes, often with a “streamlined” look. The idea was to craft a sleek look with unconventional elegance that symbolised wealth and sophistication.