Art And Its Psychological Impact On Mental Health

Homes are supposed to be a safe haven from the frenetic hubbubs of everyday life. While we invest the majority of our time in building better lives, we seldom invest in ourselves. In a fast-paced world, very few people deal with stress, loneliness, or self-doubt. Pursuing art has numerous psychological benefits, the most notable of which is that it adds meaningful value to our lives by elevating our mental well-being. Strangely so, bare walls can have subtle negating effects on your psyche, let art change the way your homes make your feel.

Framing Artworks: Choosing The Right Frame

When framing artwork, there are a lot of things to take into account. The goal of a frame should be to draw attention to the artwork and shield it from external elements that could deteriorate its appearance over time. Appropriately framing, a form of art in itself, can significantly improve an artwork.

M F Hussain: An Iconic Blend Of Traditional And Modern Art

M F Hussain's art was characterized by bold and dynamic strokes, vivid colors, and an inimitable style that was entirely his own. His works ranged from depictions of everyday life to more abstract themes. His iconic series, Mother Teresa and Horses, are widely recognized, but his Kerala series is relatively less known. The series consists of 80 paintings that beautifully capture the essence of Kerala's lush landscape, its people, and its culture. Read on to discover this hidden gem of the great Maqbool Fida Hussain.

Unraveling The Art Of Viewing Art

Is there a proper or improper way to view art? Art has been an integral part of human civilisation for thousands of years. It is a form of self-expression that enables artists to convey their ideas, thoughts, and emotions through various mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography, and more. Just because you are not an art scholar doesn’t mean you can’t view as an expert. It's simply a matter of understanding what to look for. 

From Brushstrokes To Algorithms: Evolution Of Art In The Age Of AI

Assistive Intelligence exhibition taking place at the Visual Arts Gallery, Delhi challenges traditional ideas about artificial intelligence by showcasing the technology as a tool and part of the media mix in a collection of conceptual, figurative, video works and abstractions. The exhibition explores our current existence by presenting an immediate snapshot of our environment and state of mind through the use of recognizable motifs that highlight the uncertainty, anxiety, and absurdity that pervades cities worldwide.

Daring Women In Art: A Journey through Art History

Every year on March 8, people around the world remember and celebrate the contribution and achievements of women throughout history and across cultures. Historically, they have often been excluded from the art world, and their contributions have been overlooked or undervalued. Nonetheless, women have resiliently used art to tell their stories, and challenge the status quo. They have continued to create and innovate, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of art.

5 Vastu Paintings That Exude Positivity

We are what we are surrounded by, be it thoughts revolving in our heads, people in our lives, or things that are present in the space that we inhabit. Whoever said, “Art makes a home more human,” was right on point. With works of art, you can feel at ease. They elevate our senses and exude positivity.  Even Vastu Shastra lays emphasis on the importance of having the right paintings to aid in the flow of positive energy in the home.

Myths Recast: In Conversation With Basukinath Dasgupta

Every Indian’s childhood is marked with certain notions which are relatable in every aspect and one among those is the myths and old folk tales. Artist Basuki Dasgupta takes these folk tales, along with his precious childhood memories, and adds a modern touch to them in his artwork.

Brave Art Of Political Cartooning

By Dhiraj Singh EVERY NATION HAS DEBATED the place of wit and humour in the telling of its story. Should it be there? Or how...

5 Incredible Paintings Of Indian Markets

India, one of the world's most culturally and aesthetically diverse countries, has its fair share of famous markets hidden away in every nook that provides a living for many. However, this nation is rife with peculiarities, and in all its grandeur, you would find yourself pretty enthralled in its markets. They are places where colours, commerce, and culture converge. Let’s dive in and visit five market spaces of India through paintings by contemporary artists in Mojarto.