Evoking Nostalgia With A Common Bicycle Instantly Through These 6 Artworks

Bicycles are world’s most affordable and sustainable means of transport. At some point or the other we all must have been engaged with bicycle riding. Let us bring back our moments of nostalgia with our beloved mode of transport with some Art.

An Introduction To Cubism And The Cubist Art Movement

Cubism was an avant-garde art movement that evolved at the beginning of the 20th century in response to the changing modern world.  Pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque and later adopted by other artists like Juan Gris, cubism was characterised by the emphasis on two-dimensionality and an inclusion of geometric angles, lines, and shapes. The style also embraced outside influences, such as African masks and Native American Art.

Ceramics Are In Trend Now! 4 Amazing Artworks Made Up Of Ceramic

Ceramics are one of the oldest materials that have stood the test of time. The material’s utility, patrons and rules have evolved tremendously but it remains the most sort after material for its affordability, durability and versatility. It continues to be associated with the local cultures and lives of people. The craft has been very temporal where it represents patterns and shapes of the times. The medium is loved and preferred by many for its elegance, sheen and class. It brings unparalleled beauty and uniqueness to the space. It makes the best gift with a personalised touch. With time and evolution, ceramic art has become to be purely decorative art that can add beauty to any surface and revitalise the classy look of the space. 

5 Spectacular Modern Abstract Artworks

Modern abstract art paintings or sculptures do not portray a specific thing, person or place but its appearance is rather overstated and indistinct. What you see is the vivid strokes of the brush, strange shapes and loudly stated colors. Modern abstract art originated in Russia in about 1911 and the popular artist who put forth his work is known as Wassily Kandinsky. His belief was that hues and shades induced sentiments in people. Green to him was a symbol of internal forte and tranquility while red indicated confidence and the sense of being alive.

Art Prints For Home Decor: 4 Popular Styles To Transform Your Living Space

Art prints are very popular and famous in the contemporary world. Prints are being widely sought after by art lovers across the globe and they are bought by a large section of people who wish to adorn their living space. When it comes to the curious case of prints, it is very less known to many of us that there exists a wide and vivid range of prints to suit different moods and styles. Let us have a glimpse at some of the different styles of prints that are available at Mojarto. 

Top 20 Affordable Artworks Under Rs 20,000

Art is often seen as an investment, but for new collectors, it may be difficult to shortlist and select the artwork you want. If budget is the only hindrance in your way from starting your art collection, then your worries end here. Right here is India’s largest selection of curated artworks, providing a young, edgy, and egalitarian way for you to reach out to artists across the country. You may be living anywhere in the world; you can still browse and collect art from the farthest village to the nearest city at the click of a button. Here is our select top 20 artworks under 20k.

Pop Art- Capturing The Amazing Reality

Amid revolutions in Britain and America, the young and teenagers were in a continuous search for an expression of their rebellion. They were waiting for a culture which would overturn the existing asphyxiated conformity society. It marked the genesis of the 'pop art'. Pop art was the language of the common in the late 20th century. 

Can Spirituality Enhance Your Creativity?

Spirituality has a role to play in health and wellness, with research indicating that spiritual people are happier and that they can weather life’s vicissitudes with greater positivity. For artists, the question remains whether embracing spirituality can help them boost their creativity or even get over an inspirational block.

Decoding Doodles: 5 Interesting Artworks You Shouldn’t Miss

Doodles though usually considered as the absent-minded scribbles hold a much deeper meaning. They are reflections of one’s free-flowing creative expression. Here are some artists who are taking this simple style of expression to a different level with their art.

4 Stunning Expressionist Art To Evoke Emotions That Lie Below The Surface!

Expressionism was an art movement born in Germany and Expressionist art refers to the artworks that follow the style of expressionism. It emerged as a response to the prevalent anxiety about humanity's increasingly discordant relationship with the world and also feelings of authenticity and spirituality that were lost. Here we bring you few artworks inspired by expressionism that are interesting to look at