EP-1: Haridwar Mural Project | Transforming The City With Colours

Haridwar is one of the oldest living cities of the world, nestled along the sacred River Ganga. Every day, countless devotees come to this spiritual city to take a holy dip and offer prayers to river Ganga. The Haridwar Mural Project started with the aim of exploring unconventional canvases for public art, like the iconic clock tower in Har ki Pauri, Haridwar.

Complimenting Your Wall with Abstract Art: 5 Easy Tips

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Let Your Living Space Radiate Energy And Charm Just Like These Artworks

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3 Tips To Buy Art For Novice Art Collectors

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Goa’s Museum Of Colonization

This Christmas I happened to be in Goa. Actually, the ‘happened to be’ part was in reality: ‘made the impossible seeming Goa trip happen’.

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Here Are Some Incredible Facts About Indian Art We Bet You Didn’t Know

PattachitraIt’s no secret that India’s traditional art holds a place of pride in the world, thanks to its wealth of creativity, vibrancy and diversity. Even though...

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The Heart And Soul Of The Country

The soul of India lives in its tribes. Despite habitat loss and diminishing livelihoods, the tribal communities strive to preserve and practice their traditions.